Strong’s Hebrew 4598. מְעִיל

Definition: A cloak or robe. Outer garment. Used exclusively by men of rank or of the priestly order.

High priest’s blue robe.

  • Exo 28:4
  • Exo 28:31
  • Exo 28:34
  • Exo 29:5
  • Exo 39:24
  • Lev 8:7

Samuel’s annual ritual robe as a child (I sam 2:19, and regular adult garment, even when he appears from the afterlife (I sam 15:27, 28:14).

Jonathan’s uniform cloak (I Sam 18:4).

The corner of Saul’s me’il was cut off by David (I Sam 24).

Worn by King David’s daughters (II Sam 13).

David and Levites dressed in fine linen me’ils during a procession celebrating the transport of the ark to Jerusalem (I Chron 15:27).

Ezra tore his me’il, along with his clothing (Ezra 9:3,5).

Job and his friends tore their me’ils in grief (Job 1,2). Job clothed in a me’il of righteousness (Job 29).

Clothed in a me’il of shame (Psalm 109).

Zeal as a cloak (Isaiah 59:17). Robe of righteousness (Isaiah 61:10).

Princes of the sea shall lay down their robes (Ezekiel 26:16).

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