Strong’s Hebrew 2289 & 2290. חֲגוֹר

Definition: A belt or girdle. From the root חָגַר (Hebrew 2296) which means to gird.

Adam & Eve

In Genesis 3:7, the plural form refers to their fig leaf loincloths (…they made for themselves chagorot)

Sword Belts

Chagor usually refers to a warrior’s belt

I Sam 18:4 (Belt on Jonathan’s uniform)

II Sam 18:11

II Sam 20:8 (Joab’s uniform belt used to carry a sword)

I Kings 2:5

II Kings 3:21

Other Uses

In these cases, the use is less clear.

Isaiah 3:24 (“a rope instead of a belt” – perhaps to compare the rope to a fine belt)

Prov 31:24 (The Proverbs 31 woman makes belts for the merchant/trader)

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