Greek 4749. στολή


A long, ankle-length robe worn by kings, priests & persons of rank.

  • Mark 12:38 (The scribes wear long robes)
  • Mark 16:5 (An angel at the tomb)
  • Luke 15:22 (The prodigal son is dressed in the finest clothing)
  • Luke 20:46 (Jesus warns of the scribes)
  • Rev 7:9 (Tribulation saints at the throne of Christ)
Stole Greek Bible Clothing


While not exclusively used to refer to the clothing of important figures, it is used here:

  • Gen 27:15 (Esau’s “best” garments)
  • Gen 41:42 (Garments of fine linen)
  • Exodus 28:2 (The holy garments of Aaron & the priesthood)
  • 2 Sam 6:14 (David’s linen ephod that he dances in)
  • 1 Chron 15:27 (David’s robe of fine linen)
  • Esther 8:15 (Mordechai in royal garments)
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