Strong’s Hebrew 5466. סָדִין

Definition: An extra layer that could be worn under the kethoneth as an undergarment against the skin; a linen wrapper. Compare to Assyrian “sudinnu”.

  • Judges 14:12-13
  • Proverbs 31:24
  • Isaiah 3:23

Part of Samson’s reward for solving his riddle. “Thirty linen garments…”

New Testament

A related garment in the New Testament is likely the Sindon (Strong’s Greek 4616 – σινδών).

Definition: A linen cloth, especially a fine & costly cloth used to wrap the dead; a thing made of fine cloth, such as a light garment worn at night.

The word is also used for the linen that Jesus’ body is wrapped in.

  • Matt 27:59
  • Mark 15:46
  • Luke 23:53

This is the garment that the “young man” (presumably Mark himself) lost as he fled (Mk 14:51-52).

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