Biblical Costumes

Here is a sample of some of the authentic biblical clothing we have tried to recreate over the years.

We like to make our biblical costumes look as authentic as possible. Here we used a tunic made from Egyptian sackcloth, a wool mantle we made of heavy striped wool fabric, and added a couple Guatemalan table runners. Please ignore the pumpkins. 😉
Sometimes a Mexican poncho vest can make a great cloak for a child. Tunic is hand-dyed osnaburg, and we added a real yarmulke.
King David in all of his glory. Hand-dyed curtain fabric decorated with ikat fabric and handwoven trim. Handmade jewelry. Linen tunic.
Repurposed curtain tunic. Handwoven trim on neckline.
Osnaburg tunic decorated with handwoven trim and a handwoven sash. Handmade headband.
Joshua costume with leather armor. Linen tunic. Guatemalan sash as trim.
Tunic with monkey-fist buttons, using handwoven cord/trim.
We like to come up with some creative ways to add some character & texture to our costumes.
Almost-finished Mary costume. Osnaburg tunic with blanket-stitched neckline. Linen over-tunic and linen mantle.
Jewish High Priest costume pieced together from materials at craft and fabric stores.
Pharisee costume.
Testing some fabric and trim combinations.
Orange & off-white with a real Jewish tallit.
Hand-dyed osnaburg tunic and a Mexican Baja hoodie that we removed the sleeves from and opened the front.
Heavy wool mantle with handspun yarn accents.
Hand-dyed osnaburg tunic & a mantle made from some thrifted house decor.
Tunic made from sack cloth sourced in Egypt.
Mantle made from hand-dyed duvet cover with lots of handwoven trim added.
A few mock-ups of materials, as we don’t always have the budget to create whole costumes just for fun.