2440. While not mentioned specifically in the Bible, it is likely that this was the garment referred to in the New Testament as the Pharisees’ wide-bordered himation (Matt 23:5) or Jesus’ himation (Matt 9:20, 14:36, 17:2, John 13:4). The hem or border (Greek kraspedon G2899) likely refers to the tzitzit tassels. Etymology: possibly related to Hebrew Talal (2926). Himation is referred to in Jesus’ teaching: Matt 5:40, 9:16, 11:8. Not worn in the field (Matt 24:18). High Priest’s himation (Matt 26:65). Parted Jesus’ himation (Mk 15:24). Royalty wear soft himation (Lk 7:25). Possessed man did not wear himation (Lk 8:27). The purple himation (John 19:2). Jesus’ himation divided into 4 parts (John 19:23). Dorcas made chitons and himations (Acts 9:39). Barnabas & Paul rent their himations (Acts 14:14). Magistrates rent himations (Acts 16:22). Paul shook his himation in response to the Jews’ blasphemy (Acts 18:6). Paul kept the himations of those who slew Stephen (22:20).

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